Take control of the big O

Taking steps to maximize your orgasm is something you can do for yourself. Even if you have a wonderful lover (especially if you have a wonderful lover) and you reach orgasm every time – you can make it stronger, more powerful, and more explosive.


Do you really need this?

Before treatment begins, your doctor will confirm that blood flow is the root cause and assess its severity. Having established there are no contraindications, treatment can go ahead.

Alma Duo is an advanced, effective solution that uses the gold standard in shock wave technology – focused low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) – to promote blood flow in the vaginal area, improving vascular function. The treatment includes a series of six 15-minute treatments, carried out by a trained practitioner, over the course of three weeks, and is applied to three specific areas – the left labia majora, right labia majora, and above-center.


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